About Pete Hugh

If you’re a cybersecurity marketing leader, and you’re struggling to build a content marketing program that generates highly qualified leads, expedites sales, and makes you look like a marketing Goddess…

    … you’re in the right place.

    Because fixing those three problems will dramatically improve the impact of not just your content program, but your entire marketing function.

    And that’s exactly what I’ll help you do.

    Be warned: it takes ambition, intellectual honesty, and bravery. You’ll need to be willing to take risks and fly in the face of what your competitors are doing. If that’s a problem for you, best go elsewhere.

    If not, allow me to introduce myself. Obsessive, blunt, and highly experienced, I am…

… the only cybersecurity copywriter and content expert you’ll ever need

Pete Hugh, Cybersecurity Content Marketing Expert

After a decade in the industry and over four dozen cybersecurity clients under my belt, I help my clients build content programs that deliver objective, measurable, and provable business results.

(That means generating highly qualified leads, enabling and supporting sales, and building trust with infosec leaders)

Take note—I do NOT compromise on the quality of clients I accept.

If you refuse to do the work necessary to build a content program that serves both your business AND your customers, I refuse to work with you. Equally, if you ignore my advice and persist with the ridiculous “common wisdom” that pervades cybersecurity marketing, you’ll need to find another guide.

    As a wise man put it: “Many things are commonly thought, but perhaps not commonly thought all the way through.”

    If you’re looking for a “yes man” consultant or copywriter who will nod enthusiastically and applaud your every thought and whim… well. There are plenty to choose from. Hundreds, probably. And you’d be better served by one of them.

    (At least if pandering to your ego is more important to you than actual results.)

    On the other hand, if you’re:

  • Serious about building a content program that delivers genuine results.
  • Ready and able to put in the hard work necessary to succeed.
  • Receptive to my quirks, blunt truthfulness, and lack of conversational grace.
  • Ambitious, intellectually honest, and brave enough to do what it takes.
  • Happy to invest an eye-watering sum to obtain my help.

    … then maybe we can work together.

    You can learn more about working with me here.