Poor content marketing results got you despondent, dissatisfied, and feeling like an imposter? I can help you build a program that attracts high quality leads, expedites sales, and makes you look like a marketing Goddess

Most cybersecurity marketing leaders struggle with one or more of the following challenges:

  1. They struggle to articulate the value their company or product provides without falling back on buzzwords, jargon, and other bullshit.

  2. They struggle to produce high quality content that generates qualified leads (emphasis on the qualified) and supports the sales process.

  3. They struggle to understand their customers’ true pain points, often because they lack technical expertise and receive little (if any) support from SMEs.

    Maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t. Only you can say.

    Thing is, it’s not completely their fault. This industry is rife with bad advice at every level—from technical concepts right through to marketing practice. Many marketing leaders find themselves doing the same things over and over and obsessing about what their competitors are doing…

    … when the truth is, their competitors have no more of a clue than they do, and are generally doing exactly the same thing.

    As a result, nearly every marketing leader I speak to is seeing some version of the same problems. Most of the time it’s…

    … poor quality leads (sometimes so bad they’re secretly deprioritized by sales).

    … Over reliance on “soft” metrics (because there’s nothing “hard” to report).

    … Poor marketing and sales performance (because they can’t reliably attract and convert ideal customers).

    So what do they do?

    They fall back on “random acts of content” and doubling down on channels and activities they already know don’t work… because they don’t know what else to do.

    Thankfully, this is all completely fixable if you…

Build and grow your content program from a solid foundation

Pete Hugh, Cybersecurity Content Marketing Expert

And I can show you how.

If you meet my qualifying criteria, you may be able to get my hands-on help to design, build, and grow your cybersecurity content program, generating real, measurable business results—high quality leads, faster and smoother sales, and the ability to build genuine trust with infosec leaders.

Working with me at this level is for ambitious, intellectually honest, and brave cybersecurity marketing leaders who are ready to put in the hard work necessary to generate real results for their company.

    Typically, my consulting clients have already spent a few years doing things the “conventional wisdom” way, and are rightly frustrated at their poor results and ready to change things up.

    Before we move on, something to keep in mind...

My clients are generally women

    Over the years, I’ve found that female marketing leaders are more willing to put away their egos, start from the beginning, and put in the hard yards needed to succeed. They’re also typically braver and more ambitious than their male counterparts.

    There have been some exceptions over the years… but not that many.

    If everything above (at least the good parts) describe you, maybe we can work together.

    Fair warning: my expertise and time don’t come cheap. As far as I’m aware, I am the most expensive content marketing consultant in the cybersecurity industry. There’s a simple reason for this: I know what I’m worth. If you work with me, I’ll help you build a content program that demonstrates what YOU are worth.

Next steps

    If you’d like me to consider working with you, email me a comprehensive description of your current situation, needs, and worries to: [email protected]

    Please include:

  • Your name and email address.
  • Your business name, address, and website address.
  • A description of your marketing and content programs and the challenges you're having.
  • Whether you want to build a new content program, resurrect a failing program, completely revamp your company’s positioning and messaging foundation, or something else.
  • What you'd consider to be a successful outcome of working with me.
  • Over what timescale you'd like to achieve it.
  • Your allocated budget for this project.
  • Your biggest worries and concerns related to your content, messaging, and positioning and how you think they are affecting your results.
  • Anything else you think I should know.

    I will review your application and get back to you within a few days.

    Important: if I think we may be a fit, the next step is always an initial Zoom consultation with me.

    This call is $950.

    You get your money back if I can't help you or we end up working together.

    If this isn't acceptable to you, save us both some time and find another consultant.

    But if nothing you’ve read has dissuaded you…

    … then send the email: [email protected]