Cybersecurity copywriter seeks ambitious, intellectually honest, and (above all) brave clients ready to publish world-class content that generates qualified leads, supports sales, and builds trust with infosec leaders

You’re a cybersecurity marketing leader. You work with copywriters.

    Maybe it’s an occasional thing, maybe it’s week in, week out—either way, there’s no shortage of cybersecurity copywriters to choose from.

    You start a project, hire a copywriter… and that’s where the problems start.

    Most copywriters are generalists. They claim they’ll quickly get up to speed on any company, product, or industry and deliver high quality content from the outset. But deep down you know it’s not true… and results speak for themselves.

    (If that doesn’t ring true, visit a random cybersecurity company’s website and download a few PDFs. Awful, right?)

    Other copywriters have a broad specialism like “business technology” and accept customers from a handful of related industries—maybe SaaS, IT services, and a few others. That’s what I did when I started out, and it mostly worked out fine.

    I’m a techy guy. I had a history in business IT. I never struggled to learn a new industry, product category, or customer. I wrote about IT Service Management (ITSM), telecommunications, networking, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, High Performance Computing (HPC), software development, and more.

    But—and I think you saw this coming—that all changed when I picked up a couple of cybersecurity clients. And suddenly…

I was researching for days just to write an article for a few hundred bucks

    Turns out, cybersecurity isn’t an industry that rewards dabblers. You’re either ALL IN … or you’re an “also ran”.

The specialist cybersecurity copywriter

    A decade ago, I chose to go all in.

    Since then, I’ve come to appreciate that cybersecurity requires a copywriter to devote time and attention to understand:

  • How different segments of the industry fit together
  • Which product and service categories are related, overlapping, or in conflict
  • The evolving regulatory landscape and how it affects real world practice
  • Industry buzzwords (what they really mean and how they’re misunderstood)
  • The underlying principles of cybersecurity and why they’re important
  • The needs, frustrations, and expectations of different buyer personas
  • The pain points of different industries, like healthcare, financial services, and hospitality

    This is not something you can pick up in a few days or weeks. But I don’t need to tell you—you’ve lived (or are currently living) your version of this journey. And probably…

You’ve worked with copywriters who claimed to “get it” … but clearly don’t

    More than any other industry—even technical industries like telecommunications, networking, and software development—cybersecurity rewards a specialist.

Only the bold may enter

    As a marketing leader, you need a copywriter who can deliver world-class content that generates qualified leads, supports sales, and builds trust with infosec leaders—often without any support from internal SMEs. I am that copywriter.

    What I need are ambitious, intellectually honest, and brave clients who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, fly in the face of (frankly ridiculous) industry norms, and generate outrageous results for their company.

    What I don’t need are clients who are:

  • Dishonest, work shy, or weak willed
  • Obsessed with operational minutiae like style guides
  • Concerned about “how it’s always been done”
  • Worried about what their competitors are doing
  • Unable or unwilling to influence others within their organization

    If you think you might fall into one of these categories, best go somewhere else.

    Look, I’ve put in the hard yards to call myself a specialist cybersecurity copywriter. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of hours researching the industry, which has enabled me to produce hundreds of:

  • White papers and ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Research reports
  • Product and data sheets
  • Web pages and full websites
  • Articles for journals and industry news sites

    I’ve also:

  • Advised MSSPs and startups on complete rebrands
  • Produced brand new messaging for long-established cybersecurity companies
  • Developed complete content strategies for small and large companies
  • Helped founders articulate their offering to customers and investors
  • Supported sales teams with a wide range of enablement content
  • Written ABM content that measurably improved conversion rates

    …and I couldn’t have done these things if I hadn’t devoted the last decade of my life to becoming a specialist cybersecurity copywriter… OR if I accepted crappy clients.

Need a cybersecurity copywriter? Apply here

    If I haven’t put you off yet, we might be a good match. If you meet my qualifying criteria, you may be able to get my help to produce truly world-class cybersecurity content that generates real, measurable results for your company.

    To find out, send me an email: [email protected]