September 23

White Paper: Virtual Cyber Fusion Centers


Virtual Cyber Fusion Center (vCFC) platforms bring together the functionality of several cornerstone security tools:

  • Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP)—both strategic (CSAP) and technical (CTIX)
  • Incident Response Platforms (IRP)
  • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)
  • Case management

This white paper highlights some of the top challenges associated with traditional SOAR platforms, and how they can be overcome using vCFC.

Download the white paper (pdf)

Key Story Points

→ As the threat landscape worsens, enterprise security teams are losing ground against their attackers. They now take an average of 219 days to identify and contain a security breach.

→ Security teams are hamstrung by inefficiencies and collaboration challenges caused by a lack of integration between disparate security tools and processes.

→ SOAR technology has failed to deliver on its promise and doesn’t make a meaningful difference to the challenges faced by today’s security teams.

→ CFC platforms break down silos with a combination of SOAR functionality, enhanced threat intelligence, and situational awareness, enabling faster and more effective threat response.

→ Enterprises should look beyond their borders by engaging with intelligence-sharing communities like ISACs that help all members build collective defense within and beyond their borders.


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