Cybersecurity Copywriting that Engages, Persuades, and Converts

My name’s Pete, I’ve been a B2B cybersecurity copywriter since 2013.

I’ve worked with dozens of cybersecurity companies across SOAR, pentesting, threat hunting, MSS, compliance, DoS protection, threat intelligence, malware analysis, attack surface management, and more.

Are you a cybersecurity marketer that’s ready to start producing powerful, conversion-focus sales and marketing content?

satisfied customers include:

Pete is a phenomenal writer. He is the secret weapon behind all the demand programs I have built at multiple companies. His cyber security expertise and understanding makes him a critical asset.

Marketing demand generation leader — finite state

Covering the cyber security space is challenging, nuanced, and requires a lot of industry knowledge. When Pete takes up a project, not only is he able to bring a strong voice that maps to our personas, but he truly understands what readers want to get out of his deliverables.

Director of brand, content, and community — Drata

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