Approximate fee ranges for common copywriting projects and engagements:

ProjectFee Range (USD)Notes
Blog or journal article (approx 1,000 – 1,200 words)$700 – 950 Inc. keyword research & SEO: add $175
Press release$700 – 950
Product/data sheet (2 pages)$1,250
Case study$1,750
PDF report (approx. 2-4 pages)$1,750 – 3,750
White paper (approx. 8+ pages)$4,950 – 9,950
Landing page (single pane)$550
Landing page (long)$950 +
Website content
Home page$1,450 +
Main service page$1,150 +
Other page$600 +
Full website/multi-
page project
Price on request
Consultancy $1,250/dayE.g., service definition, developing brand/solution pitches, content strategy, rebranding support, etc.

Note: I also work on many tailored projects for which it’s difficult to provide a typical fee range, e.g., ABM initiatives, tender responses, sales enablement resources, etc.

If you have a copywriting project that I haven’t mentioned here, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.