Dear Cybersecurity Marketing Leader,

Do you want to build a marketing program that reliably and provably delivers ROI and helps you “stand out” in the crowded cybersecurity market?

Pete Hugh, Cybersecurity Marketing Expert

It’s no secret that most cybersecurity marketing programs underperform.

    It’s tough not to underperform when you’re measured against unreasonable (and sometimes downright impossible) targets, forced to use outdated and illogical KPIs, and given practically zero support from internal SMEs.

    Many founders and CEOs view marketing as little more than window dressing: a nice ego boost when things are going well, and first on the chopping block when the VC money starts to dry up, a funding round is missed, or company performance wavers.

    So if you’re sick of feeling frustrated with the quality and impact of your marketing program, constantly having to justify your contribution to the company, and living in fear that your team could be downsized at any moment…

    … I might be able to help.

    After working with 70+ cybersecurity companies, I’ve found that most marketing leaders in the industry have one or more of the following challenges:

  1. They’re held to unreasonable performance expectations from leadership (that are often based on outdated and illogical KPIs)
  2. They’re under pressure to make the company “stand out” in a very crowded market (and leaders often irrationally believe the product “will sell itself”)
  3. They struggle to demonstrate marketing ROI (so they live in constant fear of budget cuts, layoffs, and interference from non-marketers)

    If they’re really being honest, most cybersecurity marketing leaders will also admit they struggle to deeply understand the industry, their customers’ daily work and challenges, and their company’s role in addressing real-world pain points.

    Here’s the thing…

These problems are solvable.

    And that’s why you might want my help.

    I help cybersecurity marketing leaders build and grow marketing programs that support company growth targets, speak directly to customer pain points, and reliably generate real and provable ROI.

    If you work with me, you’ll get a premium service from a genuine expert in cybersecurity marketing that yields real, measurable, and verifiable results.

    But more on that in a moment.

A tale of two marketing directors

    Look… I’ve spoken to marketing leaders at major cybersecurity vendors who’ve discovered their sales team had deprioritized MQLs because they’re of such low quality. And by deprioritized, they meant ignored in favor of cold outreach.

    These are companies with vast marketing budgets and teams of 20+… and yet they haven’t been able to build a program that performs by any objective measure.

    That’s gotta hurt, right?

    (The fact is, these teams can and have been downsized when things started to get tough. If you can’t prove your worth, you’ll always be at risk.)

    At the other end of the scale, I’ve got customers with comparatively small budgets that are absolutely flying because they’ve nailed down the fundamentals, stopped wasting resources on activities that don’t perform, and built their marketing program from the ground up with intention and direction.

    Which camp do you want to be in?

Warning: not for the faint hearted or intellectually lazy

      I said you’ll get a premium service from a genuine expert… and I meant it.

    But my expertise doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to be willing and able to invest a significant amount of budget to get my help.

    For that investment, there will be NO discounts, free advice, or other nonsense you’d expect from most claiming to be “cybersecurity marketing experts”.

    There WILL be a level of cybersecurity marketing expertise and experience that isn’t available anywhere else at any price. You can take that to the bank.

    You also need to understand that while my methods are direct, proven, and effective, they also require thought, hard work, and a willingness to ignore what your competitors are doing and focus exclusively on activities that yield real, measurable, and provable results.

    I’ll say again: it will take hard work and plenty of brainpower. There will be no checklists, cheat sheets, or ChatGPT prompts. If we do this, we’ll do it properly.

    If that’s going to be a problem, you should walk away now.

    Once I pull back the curtain on the nonsense that goes on in the cybersecurity industry, you won’t be able to “unsee” what I show you—you’ll be seeing crappy marketing everywhere (possibly even your dreams). You’ll also have no choice but to recognize aspects of your own program that should never have seen the light of day.

    This requires character and intellectual honesty on your part. And frankly, if you don’t possess those traits, you won’t enjoy working with me very much.

    If none of that has put you off…

    … then you can learn more about working with me here.